Hospital-Based Smoking Cessation Program Overview

Running a hospital-based smoking cessation program involves:

  • Outreach to patients
  • Outreach to practitioners (for referrals)
  • Scheduling
  • Materials production (esp. workbooks)
  • Teaching
  • Follow-up (stay in touch with your graduates)
  • Data collection and reporting
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Facilitate the meetings of relapse prevention groups and support groups
  • "Managing upward" -- meeting your own management's needs and obtaining their support
  • Participation in community programs (e.g. county initiatives)
  • Staying on top of treatment trends and modalities, reading the research and literature, staying current
  • Running campaigns such as the annual Cancer Society Great American Smoke-Out
  • Sharing resources with local institutions such as schools to assist their tobacco prevention programs (stop it before it starts)
  • Running related services such as stress management classes